Best Content Marketing Tips for Beginner’s & Entrepreneurs

Without content the internet would be worthless .The millions of contents stacked in the world wide web . In the era of information world ; technology is changing with an blink of eye. A delicious dose of intro emotionally connects with the audience and a sprinkling of imaginary & bullets points to breaks  up text .If you create and update your content frequently then update your inventory & audit frequently .Track what content exist , what’s going to be more effective and what’s not ,helping you plan to fill your gaps or strengthen the weak areas.

Thousands of thoughts enter into the human brain in a day , when an idea pops your head Do not hold them ,write it down immediately , without having to lose it . The truth is the job of content writer about much more than just churning out articles or blog posts . they are the filters and amplifiers that sends out your voice to the universe  and when used effectively , they are the success tool to the web . Without strategy content is just stuff , and the world has enough stuff .make your stuff standout from the following strategies.

  1. Craft a killer headline
  2. Write captivating an introduction
  3. Include in depth &  an extra ordinary content
  4. Craft a motivational content


Blogging is not about publishing as much you can and it’s about publishing as smart as you can .Turn your thoughts into a blog post & keep it authentic and make sure to proofread. A perfect recipe of blog with right key ingredients – on that both humans & search engines will love .Treat your effort as experiments ,try means of new creating content ,measure the results and compare it to your original content .Create a content plan that will spread your awareness , leads grow , and build your business blogs. 60% of  marketers focus on blogs their work and 45% marketers says blogging their number one most important content strategy.

“Isn’t blogging dead?” I just had an acquaintance ask me this with a chuckle. What! No, blogging isn’t dead at all. If it does die, you’ll see me wearing mourning black for a year. I don’t want small business owners and entrepreneurs to think blogging is dead and give up on it.

Blogging is not dead and here are three reasons why you should keep doing it (or start if you’ve been putting it off)! If you haven’t blogged and are putting it off, we hope these reasons will persuade you to start.

Three Reasons Why Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Should Blog

There are three main reasons why you should blog as a business owner. Blogging is a powerful marketing tool that, when properly leveraged, can help you grow your business and your brand. Each reason below comes with an action item to help you start implementing blogging as a marketing tool today.

1) Boost Your SEO

By writing blog posts using certain relevant keywords you help your website and brand rank higher in search engines like Google. Search engines read many different signals from your website to determine its rank. Regular blogging will signals to search engines that your website has content relevant to the searcher.

Action Item: Come up with a list of keywords you want to rank higher for and come up with a list of blog topics from that list.

2) Increase Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness through your blog by engaging with your current audience and finding new readers. For example, share your new blog posts on social media and use blog content to create social posts. Take a quote or image from your blog and use it on a Facebook post. By posting consistently on social media, you’ll grow your readership and connect with customers. Also be sure to email your blog to your subscribers!

Action Item: Take a current blog post or page on your website highlighting a service or product and create a social post from the content on it.

3) Use it Sales Tool

Do not write salesy blog posts ! You can use your blog as a sales tool to naturally get leads without being sales. If you are a dentist and blog about teeth whitening have a call to action that links to schedule an appointment at the bottom of your blog. You’re not pushing the sale, but you’re providing the options.

Action Item: At the end of every blog post, decide what you want the reader to do. Do you want the reader to call? Submit a contact form? Purchase a product? Always have an option for a reader to connect with you.

Blogging Is Not Dead At All

Put away your black clothes because blogging isn’t dead at all! Now that you know three great reasons why you should blog, we recommend posting a new blog at least once a month.


These are some of simple basic step by step content marketing strategies

  • Develop content ideas
  • Create targeted content
  • Deploy across multiple platforms for wide spread visibility
  • Initiate call to action
  • Qualify Generated ideas
  • Give leads to sales
  • Provide sale with buyer specific sales content
  • Gain feedbacks on sales representative or buyer usage of content
  • Use feedback to improve content development

And these are the  following seven tips to write a killer website content

  • Put your most important information first
  • Write for scanners
  • Use familiar words
  • Write for lazy people
  • Expect user will arrive anywhere on website
  • Make it easy for hunters to find you
  • Make visual impressions


Building a content marketing strategy is key to growing your business! Luckily, a content marketing strategy can vary depending on your company’s needs. You may wonder why you need a content strategy at all. Your content strategy is key to your overall marketing plan!

Here are 5 reasons why every small business needs a content marketing strategy.

  1. Build Your Brand

Whether you’re a brand new business or have existed for 100 years, your brand needs attention. By building your brand through content, you gain more followers, customers, and connections.

  1. Engage With Your Audience

In today’s world, consumers want more from the brands they love. They want to be able to engage with the content their brands produce. This is done through social posts, blogs, email newsletters, and more.

  1. Improve SEO

Search Engines like Google look for fresh content from high authority websites. Regular blogging and website content updates will help your website improve its authority and searchability.

  1. Position Yourself as an Expert

Consumers want to buy from the best. You are the expert in your field, so make sure your audience knows. Posting valuable content makes it clear that you’re the expert and they should come to you for advice.

  1. Find New Leads

Now that you’re engaging with your audience, improving your SEO, and are the expert, the leads will come flooding in!


Do yur posts have a purpose ?

Dive leads ?

Sent traffic to your website ?  Grow likes ?

Then always post with a purpose !

Google only loves you when everyone else lovez you first . make your readers love your content without worrying about SEO all the time . sometimes building trust & staying connected with audience much more importance than any ranking you will ever need . Take time to format ; it means tidy writing makes easy readers . Hard writing makes easy reading , & viceversa ! Written in your own unique voice . And how do your find your voice? Start out reading & studying of writers you admire . Then you use what you to learn Develop your own style ! Quality content is subjective  and good writing is constant . then focus on your writing , everything else fall into place .

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