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We must understand that a Successful email marketing strategy is not about persuading people to sign up and constantly bombarding them with promotional emails. It is an appropriate scope in building unique relationships with your subscribers. All marketers want the best outcome from an email marketing campaign, it is time to change the traditional strategy and think of the subscription process as a journey to developing a loyal enthusiast of your brand.

People are inundated with advertisements everywhere they look on the internet and to them all pitches looks similar. It is important to remember that before starting any campaign one must study the consumer group and practise good manners in conveying the information to your subscribers.

4 Step Plans to Building an Effective Email Campaign

Let’s get to the basics of building a successful marketing campaign. In reality, a successful email campaign requires a thorough approach to increase your conversions and grow your business.

●       Building a Sizeable Email List

This phase is the most important as no campaign can be initiated without asking permission. One must start to compose an email list of subscribers and there are many ways to achieve this. It’s hard to mention which approach to follow, but it is important to have a clear purpose for asking the address. Certain points that need to be focused from a customer’s point of view:-

  • What will we do with the email addresses
  • Will this be a possible spam
  • Frequency of emails
  • Are there any discounts
  • Will this just be another junk mail

At this phase it’s pretty concise that copy writing plays a key role at this stage to come up with a strong call to action.

●       Strengthen Follow Up Efforts

The initial follow up mail should be send quickly as a way to introduce your company and a detailed copy of what you are going to do with your subscribers email list. In most present e-mail tools there is an option to create an auto responder sequence and its vital that you take advantage of this. Try to be consistent in sending email updates. It’s just the matter of living upto the expectations of your subscribers.

●       Importance Of Analytics

To check if your email business campaign is running successfully, analytics of webcopy is crucial. The three main factors that you must observe on a daily basis are:-

  • Open Rate report will mention how successful you were in building relationships with your subscribers, If the rate is much lower, then we must understand that people are deleting your messages and you need to work harder with a different strategy.
  • CTR – Click Through Rate literally gives the information to how many people were actually interested and clicked on your content. If your CTR is low, it means your copy needs to be more attractive.
  • If your unsubscription rate is high, you’ve passed the point of building value and writing good copy. It’s time to take serious action and try to examine when people are leaving and take action based on those leaks.

4. Segmentation Of Lists

Segmentation is the process of splitting up your subscriber lists into more targeted audience. By splitting your lists, you have the ability to send a more targeted communication based on what your subscriber likes. No customer is alike and all want different information. Therefore, you need to give them an option to choose. With the help of segmentation. It becomes easier to send a broadcast to only those people who were interested in your last message. In the end, you want them to stay subscribed to your email list.

There are three factors that can make or break your campaigns:-

  • What ‘clicks’ with your email subscribers
  • When is the best time to send emails to maximize open rates
  • Who is clicking and opening your emails

In 2018, with the possibility of tools and technology, we can confirm that email marketing is getting smarter, stronger and going to be a popular topic throughout 2018 (and in the years to come). Email marketing progresses to be one of the top performing business strategies that inbound professionals have in their toolbox.

Let us discuss some tips to running a successful campaign:-

  • Develop In-depth buyer personas
  • Attract as many subscribers as possible
  • Send a unique welcome email to give new subscribers a taste of what to expect if they remain in your list
  • Define your target audience and meet their needs
  • Emphasize on your unique selling proposition and explain why your products are better than your competitors
  • Prepare a limited time offer like a discount or sale exclusively for subscribers
  • Ask customers for feedback and suggestions
  • Define a loyalty program to keep customers committed to your brand

Email still remains to be the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into lifelong customers. Unleash the power of your business by integrating email marketing concepts along with your existing tools and techniques to increase your revenue. Now that you have the knowledge to automate and highly personalize each of your email marketing campaigns, you can turn those campaigns into a sales machine.

Email Marketing To a Successful Branding Path

Not only can you send personalized email with your utilizer’s name or authenticate designation, but many email marketing solutions offer the competency to aliment in personalized information such as sales or purchase history. Additionally, with print mail or advertising campaigns, you can segment your customer list into more minuscule lists and send very personalized messages. There is an abundance of quantifiable benefits of email marketing over other marketing channels! Of course, we recommend that email marketing be a paramount part of your marketing commix and not just the only ingredient in it.

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