Basic Facebook Pixel Implementation Guide for Beginners

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facebook pixel guide for beginners

Facebook pixel is effective social media tracking tool by Facebook for marketers to get the insights about website visitors. The advantage of using Facebook pixel is that can easily analyze the overall Facebook ad campaign performance and help to create re-targeting audience using the website visit easily for better conversions. Since it appears little bit confusing at first sight, but once used you will get the exact worth of Facebook pixel marketing possibilities. Pixel can quickly define out exact audience who actually visited our website. Facebook made this tool as much as simple with guidelines for flexible use. Let’s explore the Facebook pixel in detail here.

It is not a big task to install Facebook pixel within your sight. Following a few simple steps a non technical person can implement pixel easily in the website.

For installing pixel code have to generate the code first. For that go to Facebook ads manager men, one the left top option explores the other tabs. Then select the pixel menus from the list. Check image below-

facebook pixel

If you are not created any pixel yet, you will get a prompt to setup facebook pixel as shown


pixel setup

Clicking the setup button you will directed to the pixel code platform. There is usually they suggest two or three kinds of Facebook pixel code adding methods. According to your status you can choose the appropriate option to integrate pixel code within the website. The methods are-

pixel install steps

1. Use an integration or Tag Manager

Facebook pixel can integrate with many content management sites such as Google tag manager, magenta, Big Commerce, Shopify, Sqarespace, Wix, WordPress ect. On these platforms without any technical skills in development we can add pixels using some easy techniques, such as plugins. Plugins are available for all kinds functions and developments. For pixel we can find many dedicated plugins help to connect it to the website. If you are using plugins, only need to add the unique tracking code within the plugin. It will connect automatically. Else if you are using Google Tag Manger tool you can directly enter the tracking code as custom html section. It also connects as same above.

2. Copy and Paste the Code Directly to the Website

pixel tracking code

If you are choosing this option to connect pixel, you can directly copy the entire pixel code from here and login to the website and paste the code within the head section of the home page (Before closing tag). As they mentioned not try to modify the code they have given. Just copy and paste it.

4. Email Pixel Code to Developer

If you are unable to login to the website and add to source code, Facebook is giving option to send pixel code directly attaching to email. So from Facebook platform itself, we can forward the code to developers.

These are the main three pixel code implementation ways available right now. Select the convenient option to integrating the code with the website.

After that code to take from twenty to one hour to completely implement tracking and functioning. If installing Google tag manager chrome extension we can monitor the pixel function.

pixel chrome extention

Here the analytics report overview you will get after pixel code implemented. Using this tracking insight you can analyze the user behavior within the website and also monitor the campaign performance. It will help to do effective marketing inside and outside Facebook.facebook pixel analytics

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