5 Digital Marketing Trends That One Should Not Avoid

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5 Digital Marketing Trends That One Should Not Avoid

Digital marketing field get updated every day.So it’s very important to adopt the new trends and improve your business.

1.5G into existence

5G is an evolutionary step in 2019.The current few moments of delay to load a page will be eliminated.This makes the visitors to remain on the page increasing the session.And also there will be spread of complex ad units with additional higher resolution creatives.

2.Voice search:The ultimate search tool

Most of the people uses Amazon’s Alexa,Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant everyday because it helps in multi tasking.The ability of these digital assistants in recognizing human speech has improved over the years.By 2020 half of the search engine will be voice based.

Voice Search doesn’t supply digital marketers several opportunities at the instant.Most of the voice results come back from featured snippets.The problem is that if you wish to possess an opportunity of ranking in a featured snippet, you have to be already ranked on SERP for the search question already.


Chatbots facilitate brand to boost client service while keeping an eye on budgets.Compared to humans chatbots are quicker in giving data-related answers and taking requests.Chatbots use a method referred to as deep learning whereby a network acknowledges speech, data and specific patterns then transmit the info through layers of the network then display correct results whenever the AI faces an equivalent problem or question from users.

Chatbots can be integrated to the website,an application and social media where they can collect the datas from users,which can be used to improve the marketing strategy

4.Video Marketing

Online video marketing is a great platform to promote business,since the modern consumers don’t have time to read long post on a particular product.Combining a combination of technology, videos with nice narratives and music, particularly live video and 360 video will be in demand in coming years and therefore most favored when it comes to presenting your content to an audience.Your website can be 53% more likely to be shown up first in SERP if you have a video embedded on it.

With a change from desktop to mobile users the new trend in video marketing is Vertical Video,Instagram new feature IGTV uses this trend.This allows users in creating longer vertical video contents.Now on to improve marketing marketers will need to create horizontal and vertical assets to reach their entire audience.


Now it is very difficult to attract people since they are busy with their phones.Google’s Content Marketing team, Think with Google,in 2015 they defined this phenomenon as “Micro-moments”,describes those moments where the user gets on their phone to make a decision be it for ordering food,to buy stuff online,booking a cab etc.

When coping with micro-moments, marketers ought to remember of the multiple moments that result in that time. they have to guide individuals on the journey so as for customers make correct choices when they are finally ready to purchase. It’s very important to engage the customers during this micro-moments,otherwise there will be a high chance for them to go with your competitors.

Google’s idea of micro-moments represents the new frontier of digital marketing. Everything happens in time period and everything is on demand.Every micro-moment should connect customers intent with the required outcome. the long run of digital marketing depends on understanding these new moments and learning a way to build every micro-moment matter.

Incorporating some of these trends into the marketing strategy will result in winning marketing initiatives ahead of the digital marketing innovation curve.


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