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Search engine marketing is a set of techniques and use of tools to help improve a product’s search engine ranking and bring people to the website, before they find a competitors website. With every business becoming increasingly competitive in the marketplace it’s never been more important to advertise online and SEM is the most efficient way to push your products and grow your business. In overall Digital Marketing Technics, SEM can drag significant audience to website from search engine to generate business.

Search Engine Marketing – An Overview

SEM is the process of marketing your business online by using sponsored ads. The practice includes bidding on keywords that users might enter, when looking for certain products or services. Advertisements appear based on these keywords and the company loses money when they are clicked on. This method is considered to be an effective strategy as it gives companies the opportunity to place their ads in front of only those customers that are ready to purchase at a particular moment.

SEO and SEM form an integral part of the online marketing strategy. SEO is a powerful medium to drive traffic at the top of the pyramid, while search engine advertisements is an economical way to drive conversions at the bottom of the pyramid.

Foundation To SEM – Keyword Research and Account Structure

The first step to any Pay Per Click Campaign is to do your keyword research. For this, we  need to identify the most accurate keyword that best describes our business. It’s these keywords that your prospective client may use in their search query. The best way to accomplish a strong keyword base is utilising the various free tools that are available on internet. While doing keyword research for SEM, that each keyword has a bid rate on which our advertisements are accessed. Hence, its vital to also identify your negative keywords to be excluded from the ad groups to avoid unnecessary wastage of your money. Keep in mind the search intent of your users and load up on your commercialized keywords like buy, discount, deals,coupons and free shipping to ensure more conversions.

SEM Account Structure

Building an optimal AdWords account is a lot like baking a cake– whether you’re a first time baker and you need to start everything from scratch, or revamping an old recipe of an cake that’s just not working out for you. (Sometimes, you receive a campaign that’s so badly damaged, it’s better to just scrap it and start over.)

AD Campaigns primarily focus on similar products or services. A PPC account structure involves 5 segments:-

  • The Campaign Level: Prepping Your ingredients – Deciding what type of tool needs to be used to convey the message to your customers based on your business goals.
  • The Ad Group Level: Baking the cake – Create a structure or support system for your campaigns, loosely based on your keywords.
  • Keyword Selection: Flavour decision – Define your specific keywords by doing proper research through free online tools.
  • Ad Copy: Frosting The Cake – Writing your AD copy. Make sure to run tests of different AD creatives to know what responds better to your audience and try to match your CTA (call to action) to your landing page.
  • Ad Extensions: Adding Sprinkles or other decorations – These are extra actions that can be done to your AD to make it more attractive and clickable to your visitors.

Executing these steps exactly will make sure you have a perfectly baked cake (in other words, an effective SEM account.

Google Adwords AD Auction – How it is executed?

Advertisers compete in the AD’s Auction marketplace to make sure their ADs are the first to be placed in front of their possible client. Naturally, in an auction the highest bidder wins. But, that is not the case when it comes to Advertisements. This is where AdWords is so different compared to other marketing techniques. The placement of your Ads, number of times it should be shown, the position on the search engine result page and the amount of money it will cost you for each AD primarily depends on two factors. The advertiser’s bid rate and the quality of the ads. If your ads just don’t meet the quality standards, you will be forced to pay a higher amount more to Google. As it becomes more difficult to push your ads to users.

Benefits Of Incorporating SEM Into Your Business Strategy

We all can agree that an SEO friendly website can bring you good traffic. Obviously, marketing your business with the help of search engines will yield extended results. SEO tactics are more time consuming and can ensure that your site will  be listed, most likely the results would be fluctuating in the search rankings and temporary. SEM can help you maintain an online visibility on a permanent basis. Because you are constantly marketing, it becomes easier to gain your place among other sites. Every business owner realises that showing up on the second or third page of google does not have any value. As,no user goes beyond the first page to get answers. However, if you can have an AD placed on the front page, you have a greater possibility to get clicks from targeted visitors. A judicious mix of strong optimization and on going search engine marketing is the perfect plot to skyrocket your sales online.

Integrating PPC campaigns to your marketing purpose can achieve a stable success path in their businesses in the following way:-

  • Pay per click ads appearing on the search engines, can be an effective method of keeping your business on the front page of the search engines.
  • Marketers have an option to show their ads on top websites that are ranking for their keywords. It’s a complicated process that involves the risk of using a lot of money and it’s always best to outsource this tactic to another professional company that can do a better job.
  • Online Reputation management is something that can be done by organizations themselves. Setting up Google Alerts, allow your company to be mentioned anywhere and stay on top of negative comments.
  • Payments can be made to be included in search engine directories that can effectively increase your rankings and ensure higher traffic to your website.
  • Following an efficient link management system can help you achieve quality backlinks.

SEM maybe expensive than SEO in the long run, but if you authentically want your website to be prosperous, it’s best to capitalize on both methods. It still costs considerably less than offline marketing and can increment your rankings quite scarcely and bring in more targeted traffic, even if your site does not naturally show on the first page of search results.

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