SEO Techniques For Local Marketing Promotion- Beginners Guide

local seo for business

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Now in this Era the world is going Digital and Search Engines plays a vital role in our day to day life. Search Engine is the basic thing used by everyone to gather informations about anything. Optimizing of our website for a search engine is essential because only that can drive more traffic to the website through organic search.

The majorly using Search engine now a days are Google, In google if we search for any information we are getting a page of wide results, in that results we look at first 10 result pages of different sites, Ever think how these sites came up on these first 10, and here is where the SEO works.

local seo for business

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a technique in which the business name as well as the website are displayed most commonly for the people physically near to the business location.

Why SEO is important in Local Business?

According to 2009 report titled,82 percent of local consumers use search engines to find local businesses. Further more than half percentage of consumers using 57% Yellow Pages directories & 49% of consumer using local directories. Local consumers are going for online searches to find local businesses. It is more important to be visible in or the search to find or to get new or existing business. And there are more techniques to grow local business through digital marketing and how seo helps in these.

SEO is essential in local business,because small businesses cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money for online marketing, but using the digital marketing techniques  will help them to lower the cost and support the launch of local small scale business online. Local listings and SEO have always been important for small business online marketing efforts, but now they’re even more essential.


  • Add website in search engines

          The very first thing we will need to do while launching a website is to submit the site to search engines like Google and Bing.These are the major search engines in digital marketing we need to focus on. Out of the techniques, this will be the easiest and most important.

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  • Make our Website Easy Or User Friendly

          Before marketing our website through various online channels, make sure that our meta data is accurate and follows the Google Webmaster guidelines. On-site optimization includes page titles and meta descriptions. Page titles should include our business name and  keywords that we want Web searchers to find us. Avoid using too many keywords and make the titles and descriptions appear as organic or natural.

  • Google Analytics

          Web host providers will often try and bundle analytics and data packages,  the best & free analytics tool on the Web is Google Analytics. It takes less than two minutes to sign up and implement the code, and we can start collecting Web traffic data immediately. Data includes the number of Web visitors, how long they browse our site, where the visitors are located, and how they arrived at your site. This is significant data for promoting your business and the most active channel and geographic location.

  • Create Social Network Business Profiles Or Pages

          If we are moving our business online, the best platform to spread our website launch is through social networks or media.              Sign up to the business pages of Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, to promote the business to our friends and people in our              network. Make sure we claim our business URL.

  1. Facebook for business
  2. Twitter for business
  3. LinkedIn for business

      Not only is this at no cost, but also we will  get trustworthy links from these profiles. The more trustworthy links that we get to        our website, the higher we will appear on Google Searches.

  • Create Listing in Local Directories and Local Listing Sites

         Get your business listed in local directories and increase the number of trusted and authorised links to your website. By adding your business into the local directories, there will be an increase in Web visits from potential customers. Most of the local listing sites are free and being listed in the local directories can help the people around your business locality find you easily.

        Adding business to local directories can help your site traffic grow through referral. Claiming business citations for your business can grow your online presence as well as increase your business.

  • Getting Involved in Local Communities

         Listing your business and adding your views about the business in the local forums and discussions is always a better idea to bring your business in front of google. This also adds relevance to your website in google.

  • Upload Pictures

        The local directory sites like to provide users with pictures of your business. To help ensure that your business gets the best exposure, upload pictures of your business. They don’t need to be of a professional quality but it should represent your business.

  • Be Consistent

        Each time when adding the website and business information to a local directory, social network, or forum, make sure to be consistent with your business name, address, telephone number, email address, website link, and business description. Varying business names and other details of business can bring a negative impact for the business, hence google declining the ranking of the website.

  • Add your business to Google Maps

The Google Maps function, fromally known as Google Places, is part of the Google My Business dashboard.Google’s  dashboard is for managing and tracking our online presence across Google’s various platforms including Google Maps, Google+, Google Analytics and Adwords.

As we are preparing to set up our listing, just a reminder – although Google will, in some situations, display businesses from surrounding communities in the “Local” search results (Maps), we are only allowed to register our business in the town or city in which you have a physical address.It will show our business in local searches with directions in map.

Check out the SEO courses to know more how to add your business to google maps and other local directories to get more visibility for your businesses locally.

Local SEO is Essential to Your Business

Small businesses cannot afford to spend a great deal of money for online marketing, but using the marketing techniques above will help lower the cost and support the launch of your local business online. Local listings and SEO have always been important for small business online marketing efforts, but now they’re even more essential. Using these local seo promoting techniques one can promote business locally and reach more customers.


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