Smart Plans for Social Media Management in 2018

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“There can be no management without marketing, as far as social media goes”

For effectively implementing social media management techniques, it’s important to understand how social media marketing works. Its goes without saying that social media marketing is a form of online or internet marketing that uses social networking websites as a marketing tool to drive users towards a brand or its offerings. The objective of social media marketing is to generate content that users will want to share across online platforms to their individual networks, for that we need effective social media management strategies. This helps companies broaden reach and increase brand exposure. Gaining substantial website traffic and attention is possible through social media sites.

When users share content with one another they see the source as a trusted and familiar third party. This sort of word of mouth marketing resonates more with users even more than traditional brand or company marketing. Additionally it is also a relatively inexpensive means of marketing. Billboards and costly print advert Social media can seem like a challenging task and if not done right use of social media marketing can be a massive waste of time. But there have been hugely successive campaigns that have not only promoted awareness but generated enormous sums of money for their causes.

Key Components Of Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Optimization(SMO) – The process of drawing new and unique visitors to a website.It can be done by adding social media links to a content or by promoting activity through social media by updating statuses, tweets and blog posts.


  • Social Customer Relationship Management(Social CRM) – Getting direct feedback from customers while making the company seem accessible and approachable. When a customer feels heard by a company he or she is more likely to endorse the company.


  • Selection and setting up of various social media platforms eg; Facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. Knowing where your target audience operates most. This can be based on age, gender even where you live.


  • Metrics, Measurement and Analytics – Just putting a social marketing strategy in place is not enough. Analytical tools help marketers to know if the SMM is working and to what degree.


  • Content is key – without good content your social media campaign is useless. Form and context are the two attributes of content. Context is basically the company voice. Form is how the content is supposed to be presented. Posting frequency is also important as users should not be under informed or miss out on content. At the same time they should not be overloaded with posts making it an annoyance.


  • Listening skills are important – Social media listening or monitoring is a skill that involves identifying and assessing how your company or brand is being portrayed online. Listening to public conversations for mention of keywords associated with a brand. By being informed you can alter content to sway things in your favour.


  • Staying current and relevant – Adapting posts to the latest news and trends helps keep users invested. Nobody wants to hear stale news. Many use social media for news. Posting trending news or hosting contests opinion polls based on latest event is key.


Most Using Social Media Platforms

A social media platform is a tool that allows users to build and promote community engagement, conversation and share user generated material. Each platform was built to serve a unique purpose. Some platforms are used for friendly interaction e.g  – facebook, some are used for professional interaction e.g – linkedin, some are used to help users voice their opinion.

Currently the top media platforms are facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, Google+, youtube and instagram. Every social media marketer vies to get the most number of followers for their clients on each platform. Marketers must understand the difference between followers and an audience. The next web reported that almost 138 million facebook accounts are fake. Buying followers almost always guarantees buying fake accounts and this does not do much for the actual marketing campaign.

There’s not a soul online who hasn’t wondered about becoming popular on the internet. On a large scale social platforms effectively build a reputation and carve out a unique identity. It needs careful planning, timely execution of a well thought out strategy to create a one of a kind user appeal in an online world filled with competing voices.

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