Updated Question and Answers to Crack SEO Interviews In 2019

Search engine optimization(SEO) is the basic technic of digital marketing for promoting a website in search engine at free of cost. As its is a key part of digital marketing method its has its own relevance and scope. One who completing a certified seo training program will have high possibility to get placed in good designations like SEO Analyst, SEO executive, SEO professional, Content Marketer, Website Analyst etc. Here is some most common interview cracking questions and answer for candidates who are attending SEO interviews in above mentioned designations. We assure that it will much useful for career seekers to find their dream job in digital marketing world. Go through the sessions and leave your comments and enquiries for more clarity.

1. How many kinds of SEO Are There?

Answer: On-page and off-page optimization are the two kinds of SEOs

2. What is a backlink?

Answer: Any incoming links to a home page or inner pages of a site is known as backlink.

3. What is an outbound link?

Answer: Any link on a web-page that links to another webpage or web-page is known as an outbound link.

4. Differentiate between on-page and off-page optimization ?

Answer: On-page optimization is used to make the web page to be search engine friendly through page coding and design. Off-page optimization is promoting a website on other sites.

5. Define Page Ranking Position ?

Answer: For every web page, Google gives a position in listing according to its algorithm. This is known as Page ranking position.

6. What is a keyword?

Answer: SEO search words are words and phrases in the web content that make it possible for people to find a web page via search engines.

7. State some of the tools that you have used in SEO

Answer: State all the tools that you have used related to SEO. Common ones are Google console , Google analytics, Page speed insites, ahrefs, semrush, screaming frog etc.

8. What is keyword density?

Answer. It is the percentage density of a particular phrase or keyword available on a web-page compared to the total number of words on the particular page.

9. What are meta tags ?

Answer: HTML meta tags are officially page data tags that lie between the open and closing head tags in the HTML code of a document.

10: State the four important meta tags in SEO ?


Description Meta tag
Keyword Meta tag
Title Meta tag
Meta Robot tag

11. Differentiate between a do-follow and a no-follow link

Answer: A do-follow link acts a backlink that is counted by search engines and help in enhancing the positioning of a web page.
A no-follow link, usually, does influence the positioning in search engine index.

12. What is an anchor text?

Answer: It is the clickable text in a hyperlink. It should be relevant to the page linked to, rather than generic text.

13. What is 301 redirect?

Answer. A method by which a user is redirected to new Uniform Resource Locator. from old Uniform Resource Locator..

14. What are the common SEO mistakes?


  • Not optimising for right search words
  • Not having unique title tags and meta descriptions
  • Using the same anchor text for every link
  • Focusing on link quantity over link quality
  • Using poorly-written content

15. What is Googlebot?

Answer. It is a kind of software used by the Google as a search bot to index a web page.

16. What methods would you apply for decreasing the loading time of a web-page?

Some methods:

  • Optimise images without losing quality
  • Enable browser caching
  • Optimise CSS delivery

17. What is robots.txt?

Answer. robots.txt, is a standard used by web-pages to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.

18. Which is better — Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?

Answer. Meta Robot tags are better as it helps in forcing the search engine crawlers not to index and display hidden pages. It also ensures that the link equity is not being lost, with the use of the ‘follow’ command.

19. What is Keyword Difficulty?

Answer. Keyword difficulty defines how difficult a keyword is to position due to its popularity.

20. What is a long tail keyword?

Answer. Long tail search words are phrases containing over 4+ words that make search results highly specific.

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