Course Modules

Email Marketing Course

(Lesson 1) Email Marketing Basics
  • Signing Up for an Email Account
  • Creating an Email List
  • Customizing Your Confirmation Email
  • Adding People to Your List
  • Determining Who’s Ready to Buy
  • Opt-in Forms and Leadpages
  • HTML Emails vs. Plain Text Emails
  • Follow-Up Series Emails
  • Squeeze Pages and Leadpages
  • Email Subject Lines
  • The Opt-In Process
  • Email Open Rates and Click-Through Rates
  • Adding or Importing a List of Subscribers
  • How to Backup Your Email Lists, Autoresponders, and Broadcasts
(Lesson 2) Email Marketing Strategies
  • Integrity in Business
  • The Long-Term Value of Intellectual Assets
  • Guest Blogging for Traffic and Building Your List
  • Rectifying your Mistakes to generate Money
  • The Basics of List-Building and Getting Email Subscribers
  • The Perfect Lead Magnet Formula
  • Create High-Converting Opt-In Forms
  • Steps to increase Web Traffic
(Lesson 3) Building your Business with Email Marketing
  • Strategies to Growing Your Business Opportunities with the High Value Email
  • Steps to Building Your High Value Email
  • Technical guide to Email List Building
  • Understanding attractive Subject Lines To Get Your Emails Opened
  • Beginners guide to Creation ofEmails to increase clickability
(Lesson 3)Building Your Email Marketing Account
  • Signing Up
  • Making Your First Email List
  • Transferring Subscribers
  • Sending Emails
  • Creating Automated Emails
  • The Keys To Building A Huge Email List
  • Strategy to Getting Email Addresses Online
  • Understanding Steps to Getting Email Addresses In A Physical Business
  • Understanding the Importance of writing creative Emails

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