Course Modules

Video Blogging & Super Blogging

(Lesson 1) Google ADsense
  • Introduction to google ADsense
  • Google ADsense Interface
  • Google ADsense Insights
  • Google ADsense Efficiency
  • Inclusive preparation of Google Adsense
  • Key aspects and correct usage of the program
  • Custom channels
  • Overview of SEO to help you in increasing traffic on your website
  • Pay per click system
  • Tracking profits online
  • Types of Ads like text, image etc
  • Assessing the Ad’s performance
  • Customizing the advertisements
  • Their effective placement on your webpage so as to attract more audiences
  • Allow or block unnecessary advertisements
  • Creating reports
  • Rules and policies
  • Reviewing and customizing Ads preferences
(Lesson 2) Setting up a Youtube channel
  • Competitor analysis and Keyword Research
  • Free Tool for quick video analysis and Get Keywords
  • Types of Content for YouTube Finding a Niche
  • Starting a channel New Channel Setup
  • Channel Strategy
  • Audience Engagement Playlists
  • Content Creation Checklist
  • Advantages of Monetization add thumbnail schedule videos
  • Fundamentals of a successful YouTube channel
  • Successfully design, build and update your own Channel Page
(Lesson 3) Youtube optimization strategy
  • Branding your Youtube Experience
  • Planning and Strategy the foundation for strong growth
  • Schedule Content Planning and uploading effectiveness
  • Get your Videos Everywhere Promotion on Social Easy Free service
  • Video Planning, creation and Strategy
(Lesson 4) Video Optimization & Editing
  • Tools for creating video content
  • Optimize videos to get discovered on YouTube and search
  • Introduction to Annotations
  • Secrets of Keywords for your video optimization
  • Know which cameras, lenses, lighting, and equipment can help vlogging journey
  • Build Youtube subscribers and work with big name brands
  • Master creating an engaging and creative Youtube video
  • Introduction to video editing tools to ensure proper
  • Understand SEO and Youtube Tags, to rapidly improve your viewing stats
  • Optimize your youtube channel to be listed on top of google’s ranking list

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